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Belém is situated in the very north of Brazil at the large delta of the Amazon River. It was founded in the 1600s as a key river port, feeding resources into the Amazon rainforest via the Amazon River — a function that it still serves today. Its biggest growth spurt was during the 19th century rubber boom, with many colonial buildings from this era still standing.

The city itself is very beautiful. Sitting by the delta is Forte do Castelo, a fort that marked the beginning of the city. The dock sidewalks offer great views of the sea and of the river, and dotted colonial buildings beautify the streets. The culture in Belém is quite the mix of Portuguese and native Brazilian, and there you can expect to find interesting foods and beverages. While in the city be sure to take a few days to explore some of the river islands such as Ilha do Mosqueiro and ilha do Marajó for a short getaway.