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Manaus is situated on the Rio Negro, right in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. It is the largest city in the region, and at one time was a hub of activity due to the rubber boom of the 19th century. Now it serves as the gateway and an essential resupply and stop off point for adventures into the sprawling wilderness.

The old tycoons afforded Manaus many luxuries, so the city itself has some hidden gems. There is the Teatro Amazonia, an exact copy of the Grand Opera de Paris, still offering daily shows. The Mercado Municipal market is also worth visiting, as is the palace turned art center, Palácio Rio Negro. The main attraction however is the Amazon Rainforest. There are many tour operators which will take you on mostly river cruises, with short expedition trips into the rainforest.  Be sure to visit the meeting of the waters, where the black waters of the Rio Negro meet into the clearer waters of the Amazon River.

The North East region of Brazil is coastal and still relatively tropical. It is lively place full of sun, beaches, colonial towns and friendly smiles.