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Recife is an old Dutch colony turned bustling city which sits at the eastern tip of Brazil. The city is built upon the mouth of three rivers, creating a low lying city with many waterways. For this reason it is called the Venice of Brazil. Recife is famous for its beaches, history, Carnaval, arts and cuisine. The city is split into four major areas, each connected by large bridges. Recife also serves as a port to access outlying islands such as Fernando de Noronha by boat or plane.

The most famous spot in Recife is Boa Viagem beach. This urban beach, much like the Copacabana in Rio, is always bustling with people and has many restaurants and bars lining its edge. There are many churches and historic colonial Dutch buildings in the city, most of which are now museums. Be sure to visit the Brum Fortress, an old 17th century sea fort. Recife is a gastronomic paradise, with far more excellent restaurants and eateries than other cities in the region. If you are going during Easter do not miss out on the wild Carnaval!