Sprinting faster than ever with high-tech athletic clothes

In 2012, Nike was inspired by a golf ball to create a more efficient suit – TurboSpeed – to be used in athletics. According to Nike, the clothes, made from 82 per cent recycled polyester fabric, could help athletes cut their 100m race time by up to 0.023 seconds. Developed after 1000 hours of testing in wind tunnels, these clothes have ‘dimples’ – like a golf ball – in order to reduce drag. In the same year, we saw the emergence of prosthetic carbon-fibre blades, which are capable of generating greater speed for athletes with amputated lower limbs.

This year, Nike continues to focus on aerodynamics and explore how to help athletes achieve faster, higher and better results. And not only for short-distance races. With the new and improved AeroBlades, marathon competitors can utilise the technology for the first time.