Brazil Through a Camera Lens

Brazil is a land of contrasts. The bustling coastal cities and the quiet mountain towns. The lush sunshine beaches
and the rainy damp jungles. The people come from all walks of life, to cohabit Brazil. This diversity and intrigue has birthed many photographers, who have managed to capture Brazil through their lens.



Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado has to be Brazil’s most famous photographer. Born in 1944, his career has spanned since the 1970s ,
and with it he has taken many photos all over the world. He goes on self-assigned projects and comes back with many photos, some of which go to numerous press publications, but also go to his own published photobooks. His latest endeavor is titled genesis, a series of black and white photos aimed to capture the unblemished faces of nature and humanity through pictures of landscapes, wildlife and people.



Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz has come to recent fame in the international scene. Born in São Paulo, he started his career as a sculptor; however he began to enjoy the photographic depictions of his works far more than the actual sculptures themselves. From here, he bloomed into an accomplished photographer. Recently, his works on one of the world’s largest garbage dumps on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro has been featured in the Academy Award nominated documentary – Waste Land.



Felipe Dana

Felipe Dana is a young Brazilian photographer from Rio de Janeiro. He started his love for photography when he was very young — at the age of 15 he became a photography assistant. He later continued in the art form, earning a degree in photography from a local university. He now dedicates his career to photojournalism where he documents the social upheaval in his home town of Rio.

If you would like to see some Brazilian photography, as well as other forms of Art, there are many galleries in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The Galleria Zipper in São Paulo focuses on bringing new artists to international attention, they feature great photographers, sculptures and visionaries. It is located at R. Estados Unidos, 1494 – Jardim Paulista. The Galeria Laura Marisiaj is much the same but located in Rio de Janeiro. Their address is Rua Teixeira de Melo, 31c – Ipanema – 22410-010.