The Refreshing Drinks of Brazil

Brazilian beverages, much like its food, is very rich in taste and delicate on the palette. Brazil is a very hot country so the drinks are usually refreshing, and cooling. Here are some of the best drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – that you must try!




Russia has Vodka, England has gin, the USA has bourbon. Every country has its own national liquor and for Brazil, it is Cachaça. Cachaça is very similar to rum, it is made using distilled sugar cane. This can then be sold as un-aged, clear liquor, or further aged in wooden barrels to create a delicate brown color and additional flavoring. Usually between 38% – 48% proof, this spirit can be drunk on its own, much like a good scotch, or mixed into equally delicious cocktails.




The best cocktail to come from Brazil is the Caipirinha. This refreshing alcoholic beverage is made from Cachaça, lime juice and sugar. It is perfect for lounging at the beach, or to cool off after a hot day. This cocktail was first created in the region to treat patients of the Spanish flu, but it was so delicious and refreshing, that it is still enjoyed by millions to this day.




Guaraná is a type of fruit found in Brazil, it is used to make a very popular soft drink that goes by the same name. The drink is both delicious, and good for you, as the Guaraná plant has been linked to cognitive improvement. It can also be drunk to boost ones energy, as the fruit is naturally rich in caffeine.




Sometimes also called Caldo de cana, This drink literally means ‘Sugar juice”. And that is basically what it is, pressed and juiced sugar cane. This drink is very tasty, but be warned it is packed with natural sugar!



Água de Coco

Fresh coconuts are all around the coastal areas of Brazil. To make this drink, a vendor will simply cut into a young coconut, and stick a straw in. The light taste of the fresh coconut water within is a must try! As an added bonus you can also scrape the coconut meat off the inside for a light snack.

There are many other beverages unique to Brazil, by no means only stick to these few, explore all the great tastes Brazil has to offer!