The only Brazilian startup to be chosen to participate in the 500 Startup Accelerator Program program of Mountain View in Silicon Valley (USA), the Edools celebrates positive results offering the national market an innovative solution in terms of platform for building environments of education on the web. Through Edools, you can create and conduct online courses without much technical knowledge in a few minutes and without losing sight of quality and safety.


The idea arose from a problem faced by current associates Rafael Carvalho, Maurilio Alberone and Bernardo Kircove when needed to make a training in an online course and did not found any system or tool available able to meet their specific needs. The young entrepreneurs decided to create their own system and then decided to commercialize it – hence the emerging Edools in 2013.
The company was created with their own resources and has grown with the reinvestment of income obtained from their own sales. Now they will be given and extra boost with the approval of the company by accelerator 500 Startups, which invests between 10,000 and 250,000 dollars in startups, besides offering consulting with over 150 mentors from different countries of the world.
Edools wants to win the international market

The company currently serves more than 100 Brazilian educational institutions and expects to step into the international market very soon. And it should become even easier with the monitoring of the 500 Startups, especially with regard to the north American market, since the appointment brings credibility to Edools there.
The choice of Edools to participate in this program is due to a number of factors, starting with the healthy growth of the company by itself, and going through the support of friends who were already being accelerated by 500 Startups. Brazilian startup participated in a class with 28 startups, of which 61% had at least one foreign founder and 46% had at least one woman founder, which improved the exchange of experiences.
And to ensure that this would happen in the most optimized possible way, the program held chat sessions with entrepreneurs already established in the market, willing to tell their strategies and the path that led them to get there.
Courses may be free or paid
Through its features, Edools allows hosting and content management, user management and availability of tests and assessments, in addiction to targeted tools for communication with students and online payments – the courses created with Edools can be offered both through free and paid subscriptions.
You can test the tool for 15 days for free, so choose one of the plans offered by the company: Basic, Advanced or Customized – the values​range from R$ 249.00 per month to R $ 1,099.00 per month.