Imagine the sorrow you feel in not finding a loved one, whether a chronologically advantaged relative, a child, or even a pet. It was this concern that gave birth to the idea from whence came marQ Systems, a 100% Brazilian start-up company, using national technology, that offers devices for monitoring.


The company was born out of the experience of Luciana Schavacini, Daniel Rosenfeld and Tiago Albino, who noticed a lack of this kind of devices on the market, devices that were of small size, light in weight, and also connected to a simple and intuitive online platform.


The initial investment of 2 million Brazilian Reais (about USD 500 thousand) was used to develop the very first equipment, known as Easepet, for the monitoring of pets. Half this sum was injected by an angel investor.


The pet sector handles BRL 16.7 million in 2015

The choice for the pet segment has its reasons: despite the crisis, this segment continues to thrive and flourish in Brazil. To give you an idea, according to the Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry (Abinpet), the pet market had a total turnover of BRL 16.7 billion in 2015 alone.


The Easepet device is only 4.6 centimetres long and weighs 25 grams, therefore being perfect to be used on the collar of a pet, without the equipment causing any discomfort to the animal. This device is leased to the client according to a system of comodato (loan for use), with the activation fee being set at BRL 499.00. The monthly fees range from BRL 39.00 to BRL 49.00, according to the loyalty scheme selected.


Through the app or through the Internet, it is possible to gain access to data on location, time control, physical performance, and establishment of safe perimeter – ensuring the production of an alarm signal if the object being monitored strays therefrom. This is all done using GPS technology and mobile telephony.


Easypet can only be switched off by the owner

The battery is also of high duration, to make sure that it ends up losing its charge, needing to find the equipment (and your pet). The Easepet equipment can only be switched off by the owner of the equipment, to make sure that criminals do not do this so that you do not find your loved one.


MarQ Systems is now getting ready to launch Easekids, for the monitoring of children, and the Easefamily for adults, focused on the chronologically advantaged and on people with special needs.


In addition, the business venture developers are very optimistic, and plan to start exporting their products to the United States and Europe this year of 2016.