Budding entrepreneurs who are searching for their own success always need to start from the ground up. If you are looking to start up your own company, there are many compelling reasons to do so in Brazil.


Your company will thrive in Brazil. The tech scene is flourishing, with many business accelerators eager to build up the ecosystem. The successful Startup Brazil program has shown that the government actively wants domestic and foreign start-ups to begin in Brazil. The economy is robust; it is consistently in the top 10 of world economies in GDP, and with a growing middle class, consumer spending is on the rise. The people are eager and willing to support foreign investment and companies, with its accommodating business atmosphere.


The best way to gain a foothold in the startup scene in Brazil is to use the national startup program offered by the government aptly named ‘Startup Brazil. This program that concluded at the end of 2014, is scheduled to restart in the near future. The program takes technology based innovation projects and helps to finance and develop them in Brazil. Applications can be processed through the Startup Brazil website, international applications are also welcomed. Successful applicants will receive direct funding of R$200,000, in addition to the infrastructure and mentoring from the accelerator, in exchange for a percent share, averaged at 10.4%.


While the national program is the best option, there are other private digital accelerators who will offer the same type of funding. Accelerators such as 21212, Pipa, and Accelerador all offer this service.


Starting up in Brazil will give your company a good shot at success. So what have you got to lose? Apply now!