In what is considered the largest outdoor theater in the world, takes place an amazing staging of the Passion of Christ every year. Amid the interior of Pernambuco, in what was the small village of Vida Nova of the municipality of Brejo da Madre de Deus, it was built the New Jerusalem a theater-city with 100 000 square meters, surrounded by a wall of four-meter stone height and 70 towers of seven meters each.


Within this space, nine stage-audiences were built to reproduce the places where Jesus spent his last moments, from outside areas such as the famous area of the Sermon on the Mount to the monumental Temple of Jerusalem.


Work is the result of a dream

The initial proposal was designed by Plínio Pacheco in 1956, but was only completed in 1968, thanks to the efforts of its creator and many architects, set designers, craftsmen and Northeastern workers. The city of stone, a replica of one third of the walled area of Old Jerusalem, is the result of a dream that Plínio had in 1962, where he saw the theater-city built on a rocky, arid region, surrounded by mountains with little vegetation undergrowth.


And it all began with small local staging of the Calvary Drama, inspired by the presentations made in the streets of Oberammergau, in German Bavarian, and that called the attention of the trader and local politician leader Epaminondas Mendonça. He believed that the realization of something similar would be a good option to attract tourists to the area, and then the event has gained size and began to take the interests of actors and theater experts of Recife, Pernambuco capital.


Cast brings Globo actors

To make real a theatrical presentation of this grandeur, the participation of 550 players is necessary – some brought from the cast of Globo – and extras, 400 technicians and assistants and are used 800 costumes. Since then, are 48 years of continuous presentations, allowing more than 3.5 million people to attend the presentations – about 50% returned at least once more.


And this work never stops being built, with new areas being added every year, with the aim of improving the artistic quality or comfort of the public who attends the New Jerusalem.


The presentation of 2016 takes place between 19th and 26th of March and presents the last days of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount to the ascension into heaven. This year will be the global cast Bianca Rinaldi (Maria), Antonio Calloni (Herod), Fiuk (Apostle John), Odilon Wagner (Pilate) and Caroline Correa (Magdalene). Igor Rickli will also return for the second year in the role of Jesus. More information is available on the event website (