The Brazilian Home

Walking into a home in Brazil, you will immediately see the defining feature of Brazilian home décor: color. Brazilians like to accent each room with a colorful piece, be it a throw pillow on the couch, or a rug under the dining table, there is color everywhere. Brazilians are also very resourceful with their furniture. It is not uncommon for the restaurant or bar that you visit to have homemade light fixtures or ashtrays.

Brazilian Furniture

The furniture inside the average Brazilian house is not too different to the average comforts you can find in most western homes. Although the kitchen may be bigger as food is an important part of the Brazilian way of life. The one thing that every Brazilian home must have is a hammock. A simple piece of cloth tied between two load bearing structures provides the ideal spot for an afternoon siesta.

Avenida Atlântica

When in Brazil, if you would like to purchase some handmade items to put into your homes, the best places to shop are at the many outdoor fairs. These fairs will have the greatest variety of items, and picking up a hand woven hammock or linen rug is a must! Avenida Atlântica in Rio de Janeiro has open air stalls which come out during the weekends and at nights. There is also the Hippie Fair open on Sundays at Ipanema.


The defining rule of a Brazilian home is space, and comfort. Ample amount of seating, and room to stretch. Things are never too extravagant, and price cannot beat something made by the family. A Brazilian home is made truly to look like a home, and is very welcoming, much like the Brazilian people themselves!