There’s a party going on right now somewhere in Brazil!

Tiradentes Day

On 21 April, Tiradentes Day is commemorated in Brazil. This is one of the most important civic dates of the country and is a national holiday.

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Beer Festival

Anyone who likes beer must not miss this, the largest festival of its kind in Brazil and one of the largest in Latin America.

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Every 2 February is the day to honour Yemanjá, also spelt Iemanjá, who is the orisha considered as the Queen of the Oceans and of fresh waters, in the African religion candomblé.

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Curiosities about Brazilian Carnival

Being a movable date, the Brazilian Carnival can occur either in February or in March – it all depends on the date established by the Roman Catholic Church for the commemoration of Easter, and the resulting establishment of the date of Ash Wednesday.

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The Great Brazilian Party - Carnival

They say that the highest compliment to be paid is through copying! The world embraces Carnival!

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Christmas and New Year's Eve in Brazil

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a warm Christmas and experience a really super New Year Eve party? Apply here!!

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