With the end of the carnival festivities it is time to shake with other musical rhythms throughout Brazil. One of the outstanding options that take place in the month of March is the Lollapallooza festival, held at the Interlagos Racing Circuit in São Paulo.


The event takes place from 12th to 13th of March and brings to Brazil stars of the international music like Eminem, Florence + The Machine, Jack Ü, Mumford & Sons, Noel Gallagher, Tame Impala and Alabama Shakes. This is a major event that involves the participation of 6,000 people in its production and realization.


Event was born in Chicago

This will be the fifth Brazilian edition of the festival that was born in Chicago (United States) in 1991. After walking several North American cities, Lollapalloza happened only in his hometown since 2005, until it expanded to the world, first landing in Chile in 2011.


In 2012, it was the turn of Brazil and Argentina to create their versions of the festival and, in 2015, Lollapalloza reached Europe. And in this year of 2016, the event won its sixth seat with the entry of Colombia.


In 2015, Lollapalooza Brazil brought gathered 136,000 people at the Interlagos Racing Circuit that had fun for 56 hours of shows and activities to the sound of 50 musical performances that have gone through the five stages of the festival.


Lollapalooza has dining, VIP and children space

The festival also has a space specially dedicated to gastronomy, the Chef ‘Stage, where were served 34,438 thousand meals last year only. And for those who prefer something more informal, it will be available also the Lolla Market, where you can find many food truck with several options of delicacies and snacks.


Those who will be in the event with children will not have to worry about their entertainment. In Kidzapalooza are carried out various activities for the little ones. In 2016, it happens again, the School of Rock ready to meet the people interested in learning their first chords. Among the musical performances, will be present Zerb, Mike Tompkins, Future Class and Lazy Bear.


There is also the VIP always Free option Lolla Lounge, that offers greater comfort with the right to services and extra experiences during the festival. Last year, about 5,000 people took the opportunity to rest and retouch the look with the exclusive services of hair, makeup, barber shop, tattoo studio, spa massages, DJ lab, clothes customizing, always free Backdrop Mosh and machines pinball. Moreover, they had a buffet lunch and dinner with menu signed by Alex Atala, and open bar of snacks and drinks from the Riviera Bar.


The third block tickets to a festival day were being sold for R $ 450 (full) and R $ 225 (half), and Lolla Pass (for two-day festival) could be purchased for R $ 800 (full) and R $ 400 (half).