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You haven’t lived until you have tried Brazil’s exotic food and unique drinks

Drinking coffee in Brazil

If Brazilians already loved their cafezinho, a small cup of black coffee, this passion has grown even more with the wider range of blends now available on the domestic market.

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Cafes in Rio

As coffee is one of Brazil’s national passions, it comes as no surprise to know that there are so many coffee houses scattered around the country.

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Churrasacrias, Barbecue Houses

The tradition of eating a barbecue is very strong in Brazil. This habit, originally from the Southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

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Delicious Brazilian Cuisine

Reflecting Brazil’s rich cultural melting pot, its cuisine is similarly diverse and flavoursome. Experience the dishes that cater for all tastes and appetites.

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The Refreshing Drinks of Brazil

While Italy has the Bellini and the United States has the Cosmopolitan, Brazil has the Caipirinha. But don’t stop there! Go local and enjoy the wide range of drinks that Brazil has to offer!

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