As coffee is one of Brazil’s national passions, it comes as no surprise to know that there are so many coffee houses scattered around the country. Rio de Janeiro is one of the best places to taste this Brazilian delicacy and also to purchase some national coffee beans of the highest quality to take home.


So, take this opportunity to follow some of the best places where you may get to know or simply savour Brazilian coffee in Rio de Janeiro:


Armazém do Café

Locations: Ipanema, Leblon, City Centre and Barra da Tijuca


A joint founder member of the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association (ABIC), Armazém do Café boasts an impressive catalogue of Arabica coffees, whether in bean form, toasted or ground – and you can either purchase them to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, or take the opportunity to savour the coffees right there, on the premises.


Armazém do Café is proud of only offering coffees with a perfect toasting point, and does not have any coffees that have been toasted or that have had sugar added, and neither any types that have been artificially sweetened. There, you shall also find a plethora of different accessories used in preparing coffee, including expresso coffee machines, coffee pots, coffee grinders, tins for coffees and mugs, among other products.


Café Sorelle

Location: Humaitá and Botafogo


Café Sorelle prides itself on its gourmet selection of 100% Arabica coffees from environmentally responsible sources. Apart from its own brands (Sorelle Gourmet – of the Yellow Bourbon variety, cultivated in the southern part of the state of Minas Gerais; and Sorelle Organic Gourmet, of the Catucaí variety, cultivated in the state of Espírito Santo), they also offer varieties from other brands including Suplicy, Jacu Bird and Café Orfeu.


Everything is prepared using equipment from the renowned La Marcozzo, through the hands of experienced barpeople. In addition, there you shall also find a wide variety of salads,sandwiches, breakfast, omelettes, and the famous brownie with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce.


Confeitaria Colombo

Location: City Centre, Corcovado and Copacabana Fort


Opened back in 1834, the charming Confeitaria Colombo confectionery shop is one of the main tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro. There, you can try a typically Brazilian coffee, with other delicacies that will make your mouth water, in an atmosphere that shall take you back to the 19th Century from the moment you step inside.


The Garden Bar, or Bar Jardim, one of the environments within the confectionery shop, is decorated with small tables that in themselves are charming, and there is also background music. The Confeitaria Colombo has already been visited by kings, queens and presidents, and many discussions between intellectuals have been held in this space. There are many types of coffee available, from a simple espresso, a double, a machiatto, mochaccino or with cream, including versions of an Italian cappuccino and the speciality of the house, the capuccino colombo.