There are some delicacies of Brazilian cuisine which you must try when you visit Brazil. Brazilian cheese bread, brigadeiros (chocolate balls), feijoada (typical Brazilian black bean stew), tapioca and coxinhas (pieces of shredded chicken in the dough) are almost the choices when you talk about tasty food. However, there are some dishes which are popular in Brazil but may sound odd to foreigners. For you to prepare your stomach while staying in this tropical country, in the following paragraphs, we have selected and introduced some of these unusual Brazilian dishes.



A combination of beans, shrimps, onions and fried tomatoes, rolled into a ball, sounds delicious, right? Wait until you taste it. With highly unusual seasonings including dendê, ginger, pepper and coconut oil, as well as peanuts and chestnuts, acarajé can be somewhat explosive to foreigners. The tip is to start with simpler versions without caruru (amaranth) and with a little pepper.


Crackle (Torresmo)

The terresmo is one of the side dishes that accompany Brazilian bean stew (feijoada) and Brazilian firewater (cachaça). Torresmo is crunchy and tasty, but could put someone off at first sight, because this delicacy is made from pork skin and fat, which could sound absurd to some people. If this is your case, do at least try this treat with drops of lemon. It is worth trying!


Fried guts (Tripas fritas)

Brazilians enjoy eating pork. Fried pig’s guts (or intestines) is another immensely popular snack. Fried intestines are particularly popular in the North and Northeast of Brazil. Before you try them, make sure that the guts have been thoroughly cleaned.


Buchada de bode

As a very typical dish in the Brazilian Northeast region, buchada de bode may look a bit daunting to foreigners, mainly because it uses the guts, innards, and blood of the goat as the main ingredients. However, provided that t is well seasoned, buchada is delicious and goes well with rice. The red innards of the goat are also used to make another delicious Northeastern dish, sarapatel.


Chicken hearts

Chicken hearts is one of the most famous and most popular snacks in the country, usually served on wooden spits. Even when it is only seasoned with salt alone, the taste of the chicken heart is very distinctive. However, the heart needs to be cleaned thoroughly since parts such as the arteries may give the dish an unpleasant texture.