Tourism in Rio is not just a matter of excursions and trips to the sea. What’s better than topping off a hectic day of sightseeing with a meal in a good restaurant. The fact is that the city of Rio de Janeiro has an incredible array  of options, from the simplest of restaurants through to those that have received Michelin stars . In this article, we have selected five different restaurants in different neighbourhoods that are guaranteed to make your mouth water.


Irajá Gastrô

Situated in the heart of the Botafogo district, the Irajá Gastrô is small and cosy. Situated within a house dating from the 19th Century, this venue is an attraction in itself, but the real star is the lean menu that has been put together by chef Pedro Artagão. Everything is so tasty that it is even worth trying out the taster menu, very reasonably priced.  Here we must highlight the potato shreds with white carrots, and the rich chocolate cake.



The famous Asian restaurant, inside the even more famous Copacabana Palace, fully justifies its hype. The sushi and the local cocktails are out of this world. The restaurant has earned a Michelin star and is led by chef Kazu Harada. Try the Bloody Mary with its infusion of celery and Asian seasonings, and also the exclusive dish (the SashiMEE), with truffled scallops.



Situated within the beautiful Museum of Modern Art (MAM) in Flamengo Park, the French-inspired Laguiole restaurant has also collected a string of awards including that of the best wine cellar in Rio de Janeiro and best new chef(for Elia Schramm, in 2015). Its view of the Sugar Loaf Mountain is awe-inspiring, but even that sight pales compared to the smoked tongue  with foie gras and the grilled lobster  with crustacean butter.



If you like seafood, you have got to try this restaurant. With its supply of fresh fishes, Satyricon is the benchmark for this cuisine. Located in the iconic Ipanema district and managed by Marly Leopardi, this restaurant offers classic Mediterranean cuisine. Here, we highlight the black tagliatelle with lobster and the linguini of scallops with cognac.



This French restaurant is managed by famous chef Claude Troisgros and his son Thomas. The menu is divided into two sections: Creation, of a more contemporary ilk, and Tradition, with classic dishes. It is possible to choose four dishes and one dessert out of a total of twelve options. Try the terrine made of foie gras with Brazilian scrapings (rapadura) and black salt from Hawaii. This establishment is situated near Jardim Botânico Avenue, in the upmarket Lagoa neighbourhood.