In the early years of the new millennium, women have shown a trend of wearing their hair straight, mostly thanks to Jennifer Aniston and the main character Rachel Green she played in the famous television series Friends. However, in recent years, the passion on wearing straight hair has almost died out. Around the world, more natural hairstyles, whether the hair is wavy or loose, like the Gisele Bündchen style, have been the key looks on the catwalks, and also the most sought after styles at hair stylists. In the country where the supermodels come from, however, perfectly straight hair has never gone completely out of fashion.


Even though Brazil is the country with the greatest variety of hair types in the whole world – eight in all, a result of the marriage between different races– Brazilian women still love straight hair and are great fans of hair straightening and hair irons. So it is no surprise that the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment, which was developed in Brazil as the name suggests, is now famous around the world. Brazil has also created the first ever smoothing shampoo in the world.


The obsession that Brazilian women have shown for straight hair is the result of mixed marriage. Undefined strands of hair often lead to frustration, and smoothing the hair appears to be a common solution. According to research conducted by Unilever, 48 percent of Brazilian women straighten their hair with the aid of chemical products. Similar research by the cosmetics company Natura has shown that more than 50 percent of women in Brazil have straightened their hair either by chemical processes or by straightener.


Another factor which has also helped to make straight hair the most popular hairstyle among Brazilian women is that it is the favourite look among celebrities in the country. Flipping through a local magazine and watching the television programs, you will notice that most of the celebrities have smooth and straight hair. It is considered that soft hair looks more sophisticated, while wavy hair is associated with more of a femme fatale style.


Last but not least, there is the practical reason why smooth and straight hair is preferred. Not only is it easier to control than wavy hair, but smooth hair also responds better to Brazil’s tropical climate. It reduces the need to control untamed strands of hair during the day. Brazilians are evidently commemorating the fact that ironed hair shall soon return to its days of glory throughout the world.