Common Words
Good Day
Bom dia
Por favor
Good bye
Good evening
Boa tarde
Thank you
Obrigado / Obrigada
Good night
Boa noite
Excuse Me
Getting Around
How do I go to…
Como faço para ir para ...
Where can I find a taxi/bus/metro
Onde posso encontrar um táxi / ônibus / metro
Stop please
pare por favor
How much longer to…
quanto mais tempo para ...
Turn left/right
vire à esquerda / direita
Restaurants and Shops
How much is this?
quanto é custa?
Can I see the menu/bill?
Posso ver o menu / conta?
Is this from in Brazil?
Isto é do Brasil?
Where is the toilet?
Onde é o banheiro?
Is this alcoholic?
Esta bebida tem álcool?
Is this vegetarian?
Este prato é vegetariano?
Other Useful Phrases
I love Brazil!
Eu amo o Brasil!
Will you marry me?
Você quer se casar comigo?

Of course this is only a small sample to help you handle the most common encounters. If you would like a more in depth vocabulary, there are many great phrase books on sale for tourists at most book shops. Also, if you would prefer to take classes, BridgeBrazil has a number of great courses to offer, they are flexible and can accommodate any schedule you desire. They are located in Rio de Janeiro and can be contacted at +1 303 495 3179. Learning online is also an option, so you can practice before you arrive in Brazil and it’s also free! For more information head to The really keen student might even be interested in taking a language course at one of Brazil’s many universities, such as the University of São Paulo.  What ever you do, have fun learning and experiencing Brazilian Portuguese!