Twenty years ago, an aeroplane crash ended the careers of the Mamonas Assassinas, a Brazilian band that became the icon of a generation through their irreverent style, immediately conquering a legion of fans throughout Brazil. Their only album sold 3 million copies, and they were constantly present in radio stations and television programmes during the seven short months of the career of the boys from Guarulhos.


To mark the date, several special events were organized to honour the group in March. One of these is the Mamonas musical, created by producers Rose Dalney, Márcio Sam and Túlio Rivadávia, with a plot organised by Walter Daguerre (the same person who had created the musical ‘Jim’, about Jim Morrison), directed by José Possi Neto, with the musical direction of Miguel Briamonte, choreography of Vanessa Guillen and make-up design by Anderson Bueno.


Improvisation has space in the musical

Following a laid-back atmosphere full of parody, as was typical of the group, this show depicts the path of the five boys from Guarulhos and how they became so loved by the Brazilian public in such a short period of time. To make sure of this result, Mr Possi Neto reserved room for improvisation intermingled with the precise markings of the musical, which makes sure that one day of the show will never be like the other.


The musical makes its début on 11 March at the Raul Cortez Theatre, and lasts two hours. In its cast, we have five young actors chosen through auditions: Ruy Brissac (who plays the part of lead singer Dinho), Adriano Tunes (keyboard player Julio), Yudi Tamashiro (guitarist Bento), Elcio Bonazzi (bass player Samuel) and Arthur Ienzura (drummer Sérgio).


Family members have helped to recreate the characters

Despite the physical similarity between the singers and the original group, the main criterion for choice was to choose those who could reproduce the irreverence of the original Mamonas Assassinas without caricature. To help with this recreation, families of the original group members provided essential information for the characterization of the band members.


The cast also includes the versatile actor Patrick Amstalden, who plays the part of the group’s business manager, Rick Bonadio, among other parts, during the musical. Apart from the songs that were so successful in the Mamonas’ voices, the show also includes other songs that were popular at the time, seeking a historical context.


The main challenge faced by the group, however, was that of handling the group’s tragic demise. The solution found was to let them tell their own story from Heaven, with the blessing of the angel Gabriel. The Mamonas musical shall be on show until 25 May, from Thursday to Sunday, and tickets cost BRL 120.00.