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Feel the awesome thunder of Brazil’s waterfalls up close.

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Hidden Wonders of Brazil

Waterfalls have always captured the imagination of explorers. The thundering sound of water crashing onto the rocks below will always command a sense of awe and respect. Brazil has many captivating waterfalls for the brave tourist to explore.


1. Iguazu

The Iguazu falls are definitely the most beautiful in Brazil. If you are only planning to visit one of these waterfalls, this is the one to choose.  This beautiful set of 275 individual drops is a cauldron of rushing water and a symphony of thundering drums. Most of the drops are situated at the Devil’s Throat, a U-shaped chasm taller than Niagara Falls and almost twice as wide. Situated on the Iguazu River bordering Argentina and Brazil, there are suspended walkways to immerse yourself in the midst of the torrent whilst keeping you safe. There are tours that offer bus rides to the falls every day, and for the truly dedicated, helicopter tours are also available.

2. Cascata do Caracol

Cascata do Caracol or Caracol Falls, is a 130 meter waterfall that careens off a basalt cliff face. The cliff face itself does not extend as far as the waterfall does, creating a beautiful sight, like hair flowing off Mother Nature’s head. There is an observation tower that guests can visit to see the falls from a unique angle. There is also a cable car within the national park which offers stunning views of the falls. Other things on offer include hiking trails which also allows for views of the falls.

3. Serra do Cipó National Park

Serra do Cipó National Park. This national park has gentle hiking trails that feature many beautiful waterfalls along the way. Guests can even enjoy a swim in the basins of some of the gentler waterfalls, but camping is not permitted. If you are looking for a hike that offers beautiful scenery, this is the choice for you.

4. Tacquarussu

Tacquarussu is a small idyllic town located in the midst of the rainforest southeast of Palmas. The surrounding area is host to a number of local waterfalls. The tallest is Cachoeira de Roncadeira, a 70 meter tall fall. The waters are gentle enough that you can swim in the basin underneath, and the courageous can also rappel down the waterfall cliff face. There is also Cachoiera Escorrega Macao, a 61 meter tall waterfall and many lagoons along the trail from Tacquarussu.