Pantanal Wetlands

One of the more popular places to go on safari are the Pantanal Wetlands. The basin here regularly floods in the summer rains and dries out during the dry seasons. This leaves the land rich with nutrients, which in turn supports a very diverse wildlife.


You can expect to see over 1000 species of birds, 300 species of mammals and 480 species of reptile. These include the Capybara – the World’s largest rodent – that only occurring naturally in southern America. The Lowland Tapir, the Giant Anteater and Black Howler Monkeys. The prize sight in this area definitely has to be the majestic and beautiful Pantanal Jaguar.

Stay in Safari

The wetlands are easier to safari, the open skies and spaces make finding campsites easy. There are also numerous lodges and hotels in the area if you are looking for something far more adventurous, you can delve into the depths of the amazon rainforest itself.


The amazon rainforest is a one-of-a-kind place, where noises and wildlife lurk around every corner. It is very much an animal kingdom that you step in to. There are river cruises which go along stretches of the Amazon River, which are the best way to see the rainforest. The river offers the only break in the land that is not covered in dense vegetation.


Many Amazonian tours will offer short treks into the jungle, for you to experience the grandeur of the amazon. It is highly recommended to take a guide when venturing in to these wild lands. In terms of wildlife, animals in the rainforest are not easy to spot, there are far too many places to hide. The experience of just being in the jungle, however, is its own reward.

Let's play safe

Before leaving the safety of civilization to explore the depths of the rainforest, it is advised to take proper medical precautions. Consult your doctor, so you can get the right vaccinations and precautionary medicines before your big adventure.