The Amazon River is vast. Swimming through the river itself and along the banks there are a myriad of mysterious and often dangerous creatures. You can expect to find caimans lurking in the shadows –  a relative of the crocodile only smaller. The waters are filled with many fish including the majestic Arapaima, among the largest fresh water fish in the world. There are also piranhas, but don’t worry, contrary to popular belief they only eat dead meat, so as long as you are moving they will leave you alone. Nearer the basins you may also find pink river dolphins frolicking in the shallows. Take a River cruise tour starting in the city of Manaus. You will be able to see all that the Amazon has to offer, even natural phenomena, such as the meeting of the waters. Amazon Nature Tours offers a large selection of boat tours ranging from day trips all the way to weeks on the waters. For more information contact them at +1 401 423 3377.

The Rainforest itself is thick and dense. For this reason seeing large animals will be rare. If you are lucky you might spot a jaguar, the largest cat found in this area. On a smaller scale you may find poison dart frogs, brightly colored frogs that are beautiful to admire, but resist the temptation to touch them! The colors are there to warn you that they are very poisonous. The largest predator you will find in the Amazon Rainforest is the infamous anaconda! These giant snakes can grow upwards of 5 meters long. Be sure to keep your distance! Stay at a Rainforest lodge to admire the greenery without straying into danger. Juma Amazon Lodges offers comfortable accommodation in the heart of the Rainforest with guided hiking treks to delve deeper within. This way you can enjoy the wilderness without having to worry too much about the dangers it possesses. Contact them at +55 (92) 32322707.

The Pantanal has far more open space and allows for more diverse wildlife. Here you may find troops of monkeys and other mammals such as armadillos, anteaters, tapirs and deer. There are also predators here such as the jaguar and the puma. If you are looking to see wildlife, this would be the place to go. The best way to see the Pantanal is by safari, Pantanal Jaguar Safaris offer tours that include a guided safari, and accommodation at comfortable safari lodges. They can be found at +(55) 65 99754406.

The skies are filled with birds of all sizes. The most adorable has to be the Toucan, with its long beak and sharp colors. Along with it there are many parrots cawing through the day and night. The largest bird found in Brazil is the rhea, much like the emu but smaller. The best place to see these creatures is also the Pantanal.

Brazil’s temperate climate allows for a flourishing of coral reefs and along with the reefs comes a bounty of fish, crabs, sharks, sea slugs, and a range of other sea creatures. There are also turtles that lay their eggs on the sandy shores. When these eggs hatch, the tiny turtles scramble to the sea, a unique show of nature. Take a trip to one of Brazil’s islands like Fernando de Noronha, there you will find many scuba shops and dive operators that can take you to see the coral reefs and all the mystery within.

Explore to your heart’s content. Remember, these animals are wild, and will react just the same as you would if they somehow found their way to your house! Be careful and enjoy the Brazilian wildlife.