The Torch shall be lit on 21 April 

The ceremony of lighting the Olympic Torch shall take place on 21 April in Olympia, Greece. The birthplace of the Olympic Games shall continue its tradition of hosting this event, which shall have the presence of presidents, sportspeople, and representatives from several different countries.


From this date forth, there shall be the countdown to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, and this shall also be the start of the torch relay, both of which shall end during the opening ceremony of the event. The torch shall go first to Switzerland, which is the seat of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and shall then, on 5 May, arrive in Brasília, from where the relay shall travel through several parts of the country until it finally arrives in Rio de Janeiro.


Ángel Correa shall replace Messi

The replacement of Messi during the Olympics has already been chosen. The honour has been given to Ángel Correa, a striker who plays for Atlético Madrid and who is well known not only for his talent but also for his personal life story. He had to overcome a heart tumour, losses of family members, and kept his dreams up high even though he lived in the midst of drug traffickers.


Correa has stood out for his speed, surprising technique and mental agility. Because of this, his style of play often confounds the opponents and sometimes even the coach. However, he has made important contributions to several victories of the European team, and Argentina hopes to make use of his talent to clinch the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


Denmark’s standard bearer gets injured

Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, who was chosen to carry the Danish flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, may have to renounce the choice. She injured her ankle while training in Monaco and is now out of the Fed Cup, to be played in Egypt during this month of April – and this participation is mandatory for Olympic participation, according to the criterion used by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).


However, as the final decision has not yet been published, there is still hope that the Federation shall make an exception to this rule and let the Danish athlete participate in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Caroline Wozniacki is the current number 24 in the women’s tennis singles ranking, and was the first Scandinavian woman to have ever gained international recognition in this sport.

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