Have you packed your bags for that trip to Brazil? So you will love our tips about how to make your trip safer, so that you can make the most of every moment of your stay without any worries at all.




Brazilians can be real rascals. Taxi drivers in particular love ripping off unsuspecting tourists, especially if they have come from abroad. It is common for them to take the long way round when reaching their destination, to make the trip more profitable. One good way not to fall in this trap is to use special apps such as 99Taxis and Easy Taxis in which you receive an estimated fare for the trip you plan to make and can then order your taxi. Another option is to use companies that have set prices, which are very common at airports.




Designer clothes and accessories, jewellery and other valuables attract a lot of attention in large Brazilian cities – but not in a positive way. In public places, do not show off expensive watches, high-tech smartphones, gold or precious stones, cameras, among other objects that could catch the eye of thieves.




Even though many Brazilians and tourists have never had the misfortune of even witnessing a mugging, this type of crime is still rife in the country. To take due precautions, one tip is that of keeping most of your cash and credit cards in a special money bag and only keep some loose change in your wallet. If you are mugged, just hand over your wallet and cut your losses.




Refrain from walking after dark, especially in dimly lit and empty places. If you decide to use public transport to get around, then a good suggestion is to get off at some busy place near your destination and then take a taxi home. We also recommend you abstain from talking on the telephone while you walk and when using public transport.


Learn some Portuguese


It is important that you master at least a few basic words in Portuguese, to understand what is being said around you. This helps you to decide if an environment is friendly or not, for example. When you are studying the language, look out for some swear words. These could be a good indication that a situation has the potential to become dangerous.