Elected as one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World and one of Brazil’s main natural attractions, the Amazon Forest has long been on the wish list of tourists who are anxious for an entirely different and almost mystic experience. The opportunity of spotting local plant and animal life, abounding in rare and wild species, as also the cultural wealth presented by the native population, is one of the main attractions of this exotic destination.


In spite of all the natural attractions it has to offer, the Amazon region is commonly considered as an inconvenient tourist destination, without any comfort, and recommended for adventure seekers. However, very few people are aware that in the very heart of the forest, among the host of rivers, pink dolphins and alligators, there are many options of accommodation for all tastes. One can choose many options, from cruises on luxury cruise ships out to the hotels in the middle of the forest, which combine contact with nature and excellent structure, also with the right to air conditioning and a hot shower.


Among these options, we would like to mention the Juma Amazon Lodge. Located some 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian State of Amazonas, this hotel has 21 bungalow-style chalets which are fully integrated into the lush Amazon rainforest. The Juma Amazon Lodge offers its guests complete immersion in wildlife, starting with its unique location in a preserved area of 7,000 hectares, through to coexistence with the native population of the Amazon Region.


The whole hotel has been constructed on stilts, on boughs of trees, in a process that is different with those used by riverside communities. Among the options of accommodation, there are bungalow-style chalets, surrounded by a veranda with a 360-degree view of the river. All the rooms have solar-heated water, and the hotel also uses solar energy throughout its structure, thereby reducing the need for generators.


Apart from a restaurant, a loft, a bar, deck, floating dock and hammock area, the Juma Amazon Lodge offers such activities as piranha fishing, strolls through the forest, canoe trips, picnics, tree climbing, and alligator focusing. The hotel has tour guides and bilingual employees, fluent in Portuguese and English. All guides are natives and share their experiences and customs, and the legends of the riverside communities, with the hotel guests.


The Juma hotel complex can be accessed by land and water, or by air, setting out from the Amazonian capital of Manaus. The journey by land and river takes between 45 minutes and an hour, depending on the route chosen, while the trip by hydroplane lasts 30 minutes.
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