Before we travel to some destination, we normally look at tourist guidebooks and travel magazines looking for the most interesting itineraries and also suggestions about where to stay and where to eat. However, there is always some information that is not available anywhere. Thinking of this, we have separated some unmissable itineraries for those who have already packed their bags to jet off to the Marvellous City. Check them out below, and make your stay in the Marvellous City even more pleasant!


Take the Underground

 The Rio de Janeiro Underground is very efficient and links the most important tourist spots of the city. This is the quickest and cheapest means of public transport and is also very safe. If you have any doubts about which line of the Underground to take, or where you shall get off, it is worth downloading applications such as ‘MetrôFácil’, with Portuguese or English options available.


Car Parking

If you decide to rent a car, pay attention to the availability of the car you want and also parking prices near where you want to go. In Rio de Janeiro, parking your car can be a real headache, especially in the city centre and in the South Zone beaches. The cheapest option for parking is the system known as ‘RioRotativo’, but parking spaces are in keen demand. Private car parks sometimes charge as much as BRL 50 for one hour of parking. Most hotel also normally charge an additional fee for garage spaces. Always bear this in mind when you are looking at your budget.


TYOS – Take your own snack

In cities with strong tourist appeal, such as Rio de Janeiro, it is common for the prices of products to be a bit higher at the tourist spots, particularly in the high season. For this reason, always have a snack and a bottle of mineral water handy.


Rent property for the period

If you are going to the Marvellous City of Rio de Janeiro with your family or a group of friends, the cheapest option for accommodation could be renting the property for the period. This type of property rental is very popular in the city and in many cases it even comes out cheaper than staying in a hostel. Apart from popular sites such as AirBNB and TripAdvisor, don’t forget to check out platforms such as AlugueTemporada and CasaFérias, where you may find more reasonable prices.


Purchase tickets in advance

With popular tourist spots such as the Corcovado Train or famous theatrical productions, make sure you buy your ticket in advance. Apart from making sure of your trip, you could even get a discount. Most of the attractions in the Marvellous City have available a system for online ticket sales.


Stay near the action

In Rio de Janeiro, it is quite understandable that you may wish to stay close to the action in neighbourhoods such as Copacabana or Ipanema, or in the Bohemian district of Lapa. However, it is worth staying in neighbouring districts and paying less, and this way you shall also discover interesting things off the main tourist circuit. We suggest you choose districts such as Botafogo and Flamengo, which are safe and attractive and still near enough to the main attractions.