Travelling with children can be great fun, but it is necessary to plan even more carefully when you plan to take your little ones with you. Apart from checking out which attractions shall be most interesting for your children at the intended destination, one must also take into account other details such as travel around the city and meals. Check out some tips below.


Ideal destination

If you think that, when travelling with children, it is necessary to choose destinations with a strong play element, such as Disneyland or beaches, you are very much mistaken. The truth is there are children wherever you go, and you shall surely find play options for your children anywhere in the world. Take advantage of the opportunity to choose your holiday destination while your children are still small. After a certain age, it gets more difficult to negotiate as to what would be the ideal holiday programme for everyone.



The issue of getting around is a key factor to consider when planning your trip with children. Major urban centres like Rio de Janeiro, for example, normally have very crowded public transport at peak hours. Catching a bus or taking the Underground with small children in the rush hour is tiring, to say the least. In addition, a lot of public transport services have not been adapted, and could be a headache when boarding with your pram, for example. Plan taxi rides as part of your budget or consider renting a car during the period of your trip.



Some children like travelling by air, while others can feel uncomfortable. Whatever the case may be, there are always ways to make your trip more pleasant. Prefer night flights and direct flights – these have less impact for the little ones, who normally sleep through the whole trip. If you are travelling alone, ask the flight attendants to keep an eye on your children while you go to the bathroom.



When we are travelling, it could easily happen that we get excited at the tourist activities, and so skip a meal or two. With children, however, this must not happen. Take snacks for the small ones, and plan breaks for meals as part of your itinerary. Remember that hungry children do not have fun – and neither do their parents.


Respect the rhythm of the child

When travelling with children, it is also essential to respect their sleep patterns and times. If your child is the type who likes taking a snooze after lunch, always bear this in mind when planning your itineraries. The same goes for night activities. If you are the type who can’t do without some fun at night, check with your hotel to see if they offer nanny services when making your reservation.