Salvador – City Guides

Salvador is one of the oldest cities in Brazil, founded in 1549. It used to be the slave trade capital, which has left there a uniquely larger African heritage and African culture. It is a coastal city sitting towards the southern part of the Northeast region. The city is very large with buildings stretching out miles into the jungle, but the shore is where the city really lives. It is split in half by a large cliff, creating two distinct parts to the city, the upper level and the lower level.

The city’s most notable feature is the Elevador Lacerda — an art deco elevator that takes people from the lower part to the upper part. There are public squares near these elevators in the old town, with lively music and shops and stalls to explore. Salvador is notorious for petty crime, so stick to the tourist areas and avoid going out at night. If you feel like leaving the city for a while, there is Itaparica Island, a one-hour ferry away. This island is tropical; great for a relaxing one night stay.

The Central West Region of Brazil is the only region that is completely land locked. It is great for eco-tourism as it holds the vast Pantanal flood plains. It also holds Brazil’s bizarre capital Brasília.