Alexandra Park And Palace

Opened in 1873, Alexandra Park and Palace has had a dramatic history before being an iconic activities hub in London. Two fires and subsequent restorations, hosting Belgian refugees, BBC Studio’s first ever television broadcast: all has contributed to Alexandra Palace’s current status in London.

Alexandra Park and Palace is London’s nerve centre for activities and leisure, abounding with things to do both indoors and outdoors. Ice-skating rinks, boating lakes, and skate parks are just some of the many features present. The park also has a ten-hole golf course and many gardens, perfect for light relaxation on a sunny day.

For tourists, the Park and Palace is also designed for you to build your trip around, with a nearby hotel. Visitors can also dine in the park at one of their kitchen and bar areas. The area is open every day free of charge, but expenses may vary depending on the activity. You can get here by taking the Piccadilly Line to Wood Green and then catching the W3 bus, which will take you directly to the area.