Samba and Bossa Nova the Brazilian Sounds

Brazil has a musical soul; the center of it being Rio de Janeiro. The city was the birthplace of samba music and bossa nova and there are many clubs and bars offering live music every night of the week. There are even people who will just sit and play for any audience on Rio’s gorgeous beaches. The entire city grooves to a musical beat that big names can’t resist. Even one of the biggest bands in musical history, Pink Floyd, has held a concert on the Copacabana.

If you are looking for live music in Rio de Janeiro, you are spoilt for choice. For a guaranteed great time with good bands and tasty drinks, the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema are two major destinations that are host to many clubs. Right next to the beach it is beautiful, but a little bit more upmarket. Here, things will be live and swinging and guaranteed to be a lot of fun. You will find all types of music if you look hard enough, but samba and Brazilian pop will be the staple. Studio RJ straddles the border of Ipanema and Copacabana. This is the place to be for listening to some good bossa nova or jazz. Bip Bip is one Rio’s best places to catch some roda de samba, or informal samba, played in an intimate setting. Bip Bip is located on the Copacabana, Almirante Gonçalves 50. The other place you could head to is the more laid back and upcoming area of Lapa. Here the clubs are bigger, and generally host to larger bands. Again, samba and Brazilian pop are staple, however it will be much easier to find rock, jazz and other classics than the other areas. Rio Scenarium is the place for samba. Located in the historic center of Lapa, this great club is a beautiful sight. Filled with kitschy props and antiques it is an interesting and unique location to experience the soul of Brazil.

If you are just looking for a good time with music as a plus, head to the beaches. Life seems to circulate around them and it isn’t uncommon to find some half decent aspiring musicians singing their hearts out. If large concerts of big names are what you’re after, most of the larger venues will be in Barra. The majority of these events will not be walk-in and will require purchasing of tickets in advance. This can easily be done online.

São Paulo also has a bustling music scene, although not as explosive as that of Rio’s. However, you will definitely find something that will please your ears. Just head down to Sao Paulo’s bar district and you will hear melodies of samba jazz or rock. Jazz nos Fundos is a no nonsense Jazz bar that will delight even seasoned ears. Tucked away behind a parking lot at Rua João Moura 1076. For some samba try Grazie a Dio. This is a fun location that is large and alive. Stay for dinner, stay for drinks, and stay for the great music! It’s located at Rua Girassol 67 Vila Madalena.

Going to a live music venue is definitely a must do. Of all the music clubs to go to, a samba club is one of the best you could choose. The live samba causes a euphoric atmosphere of dancing, laughing and fun. It will be an experience that only Brazil can bring to you.