A Wedding in Brazil is on the beach!

One of the advantages of getting married in Brazil is that of being able to have the ceremony in the open air, on the beach, with the sea, waves and blue sky as witnesses. This choice always gives perfect photographs and also unforgettable memories both for the newlyweds and for the guests.

However, as this type of wedding involves some red tape if the beach is public – there is a need to seek authorization from the local competent institutions – it is interesting to know which destinations are already used to hosting this type of ceremony throughout Brazil, and make your life as newlyweds even easier. And also, of course, get to know the most beautiful beaches with all the infrastructure so that the day you say ‘I do’ may be a total success.

For this reason, please check out our suggestions; here we have given three suggestions of itinerary for your beach wedding in Brazil:



Trancoso, State of Bahia

An enchanting destination and very popular, yet with the possibility of remaining exclusive. This is Trancoso, a small city in the interior of Bahia State. Formerly a sleepy fishing village, it is now one of the top choices of celebrities, including international celebs like Will Smith and Beyoncé. Its turquoise sea facing onto beaches of white sand are the ideal venue for your wedding reception, and the hotel network in Trancoso has all the infrastructure you need so that everything is perfect. For example, the city has its own private airport for helicopters and private jets – just so you can get some idea of what is made available to you.



Ilhabela, State of São Paulo

Ilhabela, in the state of São Paulo, has 42 beaches for you to choose, distributed along 130 kilometres of coastline. The views are spectacular and the azure sea reflects the sun, thereby creating an incredible array of colours during most of the year. In addition, even though the location welcomes 400 thousand tourists in the summer alone, this does not mean that you are not able to have your wedding with the exclusivity you need. You just need to have the support of the local hotel network, highly experienced in hosting this type of ceremony.



Peninsula of Maraú, State of Bahia

However, if what you are looking for is a place that reminds you of deserted beaches and forgotten islands, then your wedding must be celebrated on the Maraú Peninsula, in the state of Bahia. This venue has beaches, coral deposits, reefs, freshwater lakes, and a lot more to offer you and your guests. The hotel network is highly sophisticated and shall give you all the support you need to host your event in an unforgettable way. In particular, seek help regarding transport to the region, as transport here is very precarious, which is done on purpose as a way to ensure the presence of the local attractions.