Five Brazilian destinations for couples in love

Travelling with your better half is probably one of the moments that bring the best memories in your relationship. This, because the photos of the trip shall surely decorate your future (or current) home and tell stories about unforgettable moments that you spent together.

Thus, choosing your destination with care is absolutely essential, as you do not want to spend your holidays in a place which is not prepared for couples – such as those places known to be singles’ paradise. For this reason, we bring five options of where you can spend that holiday period in a real romantic climate, in several parts of Brazil.



1 – Gramado – Rio Grande do Sul

This is the favourite destination of many Brazilian enamoured couples (and, indeed, of many couples from Argentina and Paraguay as well). With its European-style architecture and beautiful flowers wherever you go, this is a place where you are sure to take beautiful photographs and embark on pleasant excursions. In winter it gets even more attractive for those who like to indulge in a fondue while facing the fireplace, while savouring one of the excellent wines produced right there, in the region.



2 – São Miguel dos Milagres – Alagoas

If the couple prefers beaches, but still wants to get away from the bustle which is the norm along much of the Brazilian coastline, then your destination should be São Miguel dos Milagres, in Alagoas, in North-eastern Brazil. Famous for its calm and deserted beaches, full of natural pools, this idyllic location also offers trips on the local sailboats known as jangadas, and also a touch of adventure with snorkelling, to spice up your trip that little bit more.


3 – Paraty – Rio de Janeiro

If you want to enrich your moments as a couple with a sprinkling of history and culture, then Paraty, on Rio de Janeiro’s Costa Verde, or Green Coast, could be your best option. With the climate and atmosphere of a countryside town, but with all the infrastructure you need for excellent moments together, love is in the air in each alleyway of this town. In addition, it has several islands dotted around the vicinity, and these can be visited by schooner.



4 – Monte Verde – Minas Gerais

Another option for those who relish cold and cosiness is Monte Verde in Minas Gerais. Situated atop a mountain which is 1,554 metres above sea level, this is a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to experience sub-zero temperatures during the winter without leaving Brazil. The city is famous for its restaurants, which all serve delicious food, and also for its charming guest houses.



5 – Itacaré – Bahia

Those seeking a unique blend of nature (nearly) untouched by humanity, stunning deserted beaches, and a thriving nightlife are sure to like Itacaré, in the state of Bahia, in North-eastern Brazil. Over the years, the city has attracted foreigners from all corners of the globe and is a cultural melting pot, without losing its calm and laid-back attitude to life.