Brazil’s Unique Nature

Brazil is home to the Amazon Rainforest, the Amazon River, and all the treasures and animals unique to this habitat. The nature in Brazil is one of the last few places in this modern world where you can immerse yourself in a natural habitat. For this reason many come to Brazil to escape their busy city homes and bask in the scenery. Here are some ideas of great places to experience nature.



Safari trip to the Pantanal

The Pantanal is a flooded marsh land in Brazil. It is not densely covered in trees like the rainforest so spotting wildlife is easier. There are many tour groups that offer trips to the Pantanal, where they will take care of everything from your lodging, to your food, to your transport. All you have to do is relax and watch the wildlife. If you are lucky you might even spot a Jaguar!



Amazon River tours

The Amazon is a very dense rainforest, filled with towering trees and waving vines. For this reason it is not advisable to visit, as the sheer effort it would take to navigate would take all the fun out of the trip. Luckily nature provides with its own natural path through the forest, The Amazon River. For this reason Amazon cruises are popular. Make sure you see the famous meeting of the waters, where the rivers Negro and Solimões meet, creating a unique effect in the colours of the water. Just be careful of the piranhas!



The Anavilhanas Archipelago

This is the world’s largest fresh water jungle island group. Consisting of 370 small islands, this natural wonderland was the favourite place of famed naturalist Jacques Cousteau. The unique ecological value of the area is what interested him scientifically but it was the pristine beauty that made it his favourite.



Amazon jungle lodges

If boating is not your thing there are also jungle lodges that you can stay in. If your idea of a holiday is to sit in peace and watch the sun go by, these will be perfect for you. Accessible by boat, these secluded huts will offer you your own private slice of nature.



Caves and Waterfalls

Brazil has many beautiful caves and waterfalls. Many tours offer a day trip to such destinations, and some might be part of the itinerary on longer tours. If rushing water and mesmerising caves is more of your things this may be a good choice! The impressive Iguazu falls sits between the border of Brazil and Argentina and are a sight to behold. The Chapada Diamantina caves – located in the national park of the same name – will astound you with the pure reflections and dancing lights these caves create.




Brazil is full of nature and if there is a specific animal or a specific place that you want to go, tour groups will always be willing to accommodate you. Just remember to be careful, this is the wilderness after all, check with your doctor before setting off to make sure you have the proper medical precautions in place. Have fun and enjoy raw brazil.