Regent’s Canal

Stretching from Limehouse to Little Venice, Regent’s Canal covers almost 9 miles in length. It was designed by John Nash, who was also the designer of Buckingham Palace and the Marble Arch.

It was originally used from 1820 to 1960 as a canal for carrying coal and other architectural materials from King’s Cross station to the north. However, it froze so severely in the winter of 1962 it could not operate for weeks. When the ice finally melted away, traffic had already been transferred to the road and had never returned to the canal. Today, the Canal is a site for leisure and wildlife. Locals and tourists alike visit the Canal for cycling and boat trips.

Visitors can head to Camden Market  for a bite to eat after their stroll along the Canal.

Visitors can reach the Canal via a number of stations, such as Camden Town Station via the Northern Line or King’s Cross Station via six different underground lines.