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Places to go for fun in Brazil

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The beach is a great place to go and see the Brazilian life unfold before your eyes. Usually there will be one right in your neighborhood, such as the Copacabana or Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. Lining the edge of the beaches are usually a bounty of little botecos that will serve cool refreshing drinks and light delicious snacks. Pick yourself a comfortable spot overlooking the sea and let the sounds of the ocean relax you. There will probably be a lot of beautiful Brazilian people to keep your eyes busy as well!


The weekends are when the entire city goes out to party until dawn. If you were to wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you may notice that the city is relatively quiet as most party goers would be busy recovering from their previous night. Take this opportunity to have a peaceful brunch at one of the many restaurants that serve the Brazilian dish feijoada, a traditional weekend meal for Brazilians.

At night

At night, if you have some free time, head down to one of the live samba clubs. This doesn’t necessarily mean dancing! Just find a good spot to sit down with a cool caipirinha in hand and listen to the melodious music. Maybe after listening for a while, you might just get enough energy to join in!

Of course, nothing beats good weather and a calm sea, hire a boat to take you out and admire the coastline from afar. Enjoy your time in Brazil, and take it easy!


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