The nightlife in Brazil is definitely hopping! With all major cities – especially Rio de Janeiro – holding parties every single day of the week. With up market bars, street parties, beach bashes and raving clubs, there is something to do for every traveler



Late at Night

Brazilians tend to start their partying later in the night. Don’t be too surprised if you head to a bar before 11pm and find it empty. This isn’t because everyone’s gone to bed already, the party has barely started! Most clubs and bars will keep going on through the night and do not have any requirements to shut early, so for parties to go on till sunrise is not an uncommon sight.




There are many choices from where to start your night off. Botecos are small street corner bars selling mostly beer and light snacks, a must visit if you’re in Rio de Janeiro, there are over 12,000 Botecos in the city giving it the moniker –Brazilian capital of the boteco.




After your pre-drinks at the local boteco you will be all ready to let loose. There are clubs for everyone, from Bass-Heavy hip hop to electro house. However while in Brazil, why not venture to a sultry samba club? These are also very popular, and will show you a wilder side of Brazil. Be warned that these clubs and bars will need ID’s and can get pricy!




If clubbing sounds far too intense and tiring, and you would rather a more homegrown party, Lapa might be your scene. A district of Rio de Janeiro, Lapa over the years has transformed from a downtrodden and forgotten district, to a lively street party destination. Friday night is the night to visit, where the parties overflow from the various bars and clubs right on to the street! Men selling drinks out of coolers street side are common, so don’t worry about needing to enter bars to quench your thirst!