Beach, Another Word for Brazil

When someone says Brazil, the image that many people have is usually of its glorious beaches. This is for a good reason, as Brazil’s beaches are among the best in the world. If you want to go surfing, diving, partying or just lying in the sand soaking up the sun, Brazil has the perfect beach for you.



1. Copacabana

Brazil’s most famous beach is Rio’s Copacabana. This four kilometer long beach runs along the coastline of Rio and is constantly abuzz with people. There, you will find street vendors, musicians, performers, and of course the many beach goers simply there to enjoy the atmosphere. Along the beach there are also many bars and restaurants to keep your thirst satisfied for the daylong party at the beach! There is also another beach in Rio called Ipanema Beach, this one is also near the city, but is more upscale than Copacabana. If you feel like a more relaxed walk in the sand then this might be your choice.



2. San Conrado

For surfers, there is San Conrado Beach. Also close to Rio, this beach has impressive swells that will put a smile on any surfer’s face. It is not recommended that inexperienced or young children enter the water here, as the waves can be quite dangerous. Of course there is still much to do out of the water, such as pulling up a chair and watching the waves engulf brave surfers, or perhaps join in a game of beach volleyball.

For the true adventurer, there are even more beautiful and secluded beaches around Brazil. They may be harder to get to, but they are definitely worth the extra effort.



3. Baía do Sancho

The most beautiful and scenic beach in Brazil is Baía do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha. Located in the north east of Brazil, this beach is a paradise. The views are stunning and the sand is white and soft. If you time your visit right you may even see baby sea turtles emerge from their burrows and crawl into the sea. There are also many other beaches in Fernando de Noronha, like Baía dos Porcos, where rock pools offer a close-up of the crashing waves while also offering safety from them.



4. Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara in Ceará is famous for its large sand dunes by the sea. At this beach many people enjoy sandboarding down the dunes, much like snowboarding, but not nearly as cold! This beach is also near a small town of the same name that has kept its rustic ways. The breeze there is quite strong so when done sandboarding, why not try your hand at kite surfing or wind surfing as well!

These are by no means the only beaches in Brazil. Brazilians love the sun and go to the beach often, no matter where you are, the locals will be sure to point you in the right direction!