Brazilian Island Paradises

Brazil is a coastal country, and just off its shoreline are some truly stunning islands and archipelagos. Only accessible by boat or plane, these hidden paradises are filled with blissful beaches and beautiful scenery. Perfect for a relaxing laze-about getaway. Some must see islands are:



1. Fernando de Noronha

This is a destination frequented by Brazilians and Tourists alike. This island archipelago is located 350 kilometers from the Brazilian coast. It is actually the tip of an underwater mountain peeking just above the water. For these reasons, it is a very ecologically diverse region of the world, earning it UNESCO world heritage status. It is also home to some of the most beautiful scenery and beaches in all of Brazil. With a population of 3,000 it has an airport and all the modern amenities that travelers are accustomed to. Hotels are easy to book and accommodation ranges from comfortable to extravagant. The main attraction has to be the marine wildlife; it is a mecca for divers and snorkelers as the pristine waters offer great visibility.



2. Ilha Grande

Literally meaning ‘Big Island’, is the largest island in Brazil and located 150 kilometers from Rio. There are boats available every day to ferry people to and from the island, making it a popular weekend destination for Brazilians. The main attraction of Ilha Grande is Lopes Mendes beach. This beach has been regularly voted the best in the world, with its long and gentle sloping shoreline, soft lapping waves, gentle breeze and clean white sand. It is truly the diamond amongst Brazil’s gemstone beaches. There is also an abandoned historic Prison on the island that once housed Brazil’s most notorious criminals. There are only ruins now, but will certainly pique the interest of the adventurous tourist.



3. Florianopolis

As the name suggests, this is a large island group with a bustling city nestled on it. The City has a population of nearly 420,000 and really is an island metropolis. This city is said to have the highest quality of life of all of Brazil, as everyone is happy and easy going. Who can blame them when they live on such a beautiful island! Sights to see include, of course, the beaches, but also the cultural and heritage sites of the old town. This island also has many expats living on it, so visitors will experience a wide range of cultures.



4. Abrolhos

Albrolhos is truly the most special archipelago in Brazil. Consisting of five volcanic islands, the waters surrounding them are warm and crystal clear. This makes it the perfect spot for coral reefs to develop. For this reason it is a great spot for scuba diving. The beaches are also magnificent and is a must see spot simply for its natural beauty.