The Brazilian Healthy Diet

Food is an important part of every culture. The Brazilians put an emphasis on eating fresh and healthy. This is quite obvious when you look carefully at the menus of the local restaurants and at the ingredients of their famous dishes. It is even more obvious if you check out the people at Copacabana beach, or in one of the clubs in Leblon!

Brazil used to have an obesity problem. In the past it was a poor country that suffered from malnutrition. As industrialization began, food became cheap, and the nation feasted. This overweight epidemic forced the Brazilian government to enact new health guidelines for its people. These guidelines have received much praise and attention from international media for its scathing view on the food industry.

Most of the world follows the model of the ‘food pyramid’ popularized by the united states in 1992. In Brazil it follows much the same, recommending low use of fats and sugars, not too much dairy, but it has one crucial golden rule. The Brazilians say no to processed food. For breakfast, they say to avoid mass produced bread, packaged cereal and opt for a healthier granola or piece of fruit. For lunch, they don’t go for processed ham and sausages, sliced cheese or fizzy sodas. They tell their citizens to be skeptical of claims by food industries, and if you don’t know how it was made, just don’t eat it.

It is as simple as that. If you want to live a healthy Brazilian life, forgo anything processed. That doesn’t mean that your diet is any less delicious! Replace fizzy sodas with fresh fruit juice or water. Canned meats and processed spreads with real ham and real butter. No more salty potato chips or sugary biscuits, have a piece of fruit or some mixed nuts. In no time you will have trimmed down your waistline, as well as feel sprier and younger than ever before!