The Brazilian Beating Heart

Football is the beating heart of Brazil. There is no other country in the world that takes this pastime more seriously or with more fervor than the Brazilians. The love for football is so strong, that it is common to hear Brazilians refer to their country as o País do Futebol – or The Country of Football.

It is common to see children playing football on the streets, and many children would consider becoming a professional player a dream come true. Currently there are over 10,000 Brazilians who play football professionally around the globe. You may recognize some of their names, Neymar, Kaka, and Ronaldo to name a few.



World Cup

Brazil’s national team is the current record holder of World Cup victories, winning 5 championships, they are also the only team to have qualified every single time. The most famous of all Brazilian players has to be Pelé, three of those five championships were thanks to him. Pelé is so revered for his football skill in Brazil he is universally respected and admired, much like a saint.

When Brazil is playing football on the world stage, it is not uncommon to find the entire country glued to their televisions. Workers will call in sick, employers will set up televisions to broadcast the games in offices. If Brazil win, you can bet there will be a giant party throughout the country. To Brazilians football is a way of life.